The Average Cost of a Wedding in the USA

Getting married is a special event that happens once in a lifetime (hopefully only once.) To celebrate this occasion the bride and groom often have a wedding in a church followed by a reception. While a wedding may be important to two people in love it is anything but cheap. The average cost of a wedding in the us is $26,444. This figure does not include the cost of the honeymoon.
While this number may seem high the costs of everything a couple needs for the perfect wedding adds up quickly. These expensive include the cost of the wedding gown as well as the tuxedo for the groom. Other expenses in a wedding include the reception hall, the DJ to entertain the guests, and the cost of food for the guests. There is also the wedding cake, the limousine rental, and decoration for the wedding hall as well as favors for the guests to take home. Before a couple knows it the bill for the wedding is several thousand dollars for this one day event.